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South Park Education Association ready to meet with Park County School District to Discuss School Finances

FAIRPLAY – Since Tuesday, the Park County RE-2 School District (district) has issued two press releases, both aimed at falsely accusing the South Park Education Association (SPEA) of placing demands of bargaining on a meeting requested by the district. SPEA has never made any demands or requirements on meetings with  the district. These releases continue the district’s tactics of dictating policy, deflection from the real issues, and dismissing educator voice.

“Nothing has changed on our end,” said SPEA President Taya Mastrobuono. “Our goal has and will always be getting back to the table to work with the district on finding solutions to  retaining and attracting  the quality educators Park County students deserve.”

While SPEA fully understands that the district will not bargain on Saturday and will not be attending the meeting, SPEA  would still like the Park County School District to honor and uphold its commitment to the meeting they scheduled to discuss finances. SPEA will attend the meeting on Saturday, September 14th and looks forward to a fruitful and robust conversation and discussion of the district’s financial position.

“We look forward to having these discussions at the table instead of in the press,” said Mastrobuono. “We’re hopeful the district will tell taxpayers and parents why they have 72% in reserves and why they aren’t utilizing that money to invest in their educators, which ultimately benefits students. The district’s high turnover of educators is a disservice to families of this community. Many of us simply can’t afford to live here.”

SPEA members, parents, and members of the community will gather at the Park County School District headquarters (640 Hathaway St, Fairplay, CO 80440) at 10am on Saturday, September 14.


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