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South Park Education Association meets with absent Park County School District officials Discuss School Finances

FAIRPLAY – On Saturday, the South Park Education Association (SPEA)  attended a “meeting” at the Park County RE-2 School District; a meeting offered by the district, which they did not attend. Instead, SPEA leadership held a mock meeting with absent district officials, which drew about two dozen members, parents, and community members.

“Obviously we’re disappointed; this is the third time they’ve cancelled a meeting on us,” said SPEA President Taya Mastrobuono. “These are meetings that they have scheduled.”

SPEA leaders talked about district finances, with SPEA Vice President Kiersten Macreery informing the crowd that since 2008, the district has increased the unallocated reserve budget line to where it is today, which is 72%. Leaders also asked the absent district officials questions about the budget and attracting and retaining quality educators. 

“The district likes to play the victim card but they are extremely financially sound,” said Mastrobuono. “Many of our educators cannot afford to live in the community where they teach, while the district hordes taxpayer money and they don’t have the guts to explain whyto taxpayers. It’s something we’re willing to do.”

The district has offered a “working meeting” for September 19 and SPEA looks forward to getting back to the table to discuss district finances with them. The September 14 event can be found HERE and for SPEA updates, go to their website and Facebook page.

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