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Community News: Details about tomorrow

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Dear Park County Families and Community Members, 

It’s happening tomorrow. Unfortunately, we have not been able to get the district back to the table, so they have forced us to strike. We will begin walking the picket line at 7am. We are aiming to be as transparent as possible and want to fill you in with a few details before tomorrow.

First, if your family is affected by the strike, you can get childcare at the Boys and Girls Club from 7:45am till 5pm. If you require after school childcare, they can accommodate kids until 6:30pm, if prearranged. Fees are $10/day, $35/month. Assistance scholarships are available to families with a household income of $75,000 /year or less. But the bottom line is that no child will be turned away unless they are at capacity; SPEA will pick up fees for any family in extreme need. Please go to the Boys and Girls Club website to find registration paperwork and scholarship information.  

Second, if you need access to the Food Bank, it is located at the Fairplay Fire Station, off Highway 285: 21455 US Hwy 285, Fairplay, CO 80440. It will be open from 8am – 5pm. 

Third, it is up to the district to cancel school and it is up to parents whether they want to send their students to school. We encourage you to do what is right for your family.

Finally, how can you help? 

  1. If you have time, please stand with us on the picket lines to show us your support. 
  2. You can also help by calling the district all day tomorrow, asking to speak to Superintendent Joe Torrez, and telling him to settle a fair contract with district teachers. 

We appreciate all your support, 

The educators of the South Park Education Association

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