Standing Together For Our Students Futures


As you may know, the South Park Education Association – SPEA has been fighting since February to have their district leadership sit down and bargain with them in good faith to no avail. As a result, South Park teachers made the bold and courageous decision to go on strike for their students and have been walking the picket lines since October 14th.

Teachers are making the sacrifice to forgo their pay in order to stand up for their students even though some of them cannot afford to buy milk and eggs in the same week. A strong strike fund allows them to be able to stand for their students while helping them to not have to choose between necessities in their household.

Please contribute to the strike fund:

Through PayPal or by credit card at: PayPal.Me/StandwithSouthParkEd


By check: Make checks out to Colorado Education Association and put SPEA Strike in the memo. Send checks to:
SPEA Strike Fund
c/o Colorado Education Association
1500 Grant Street
Denver, CO 80203

Thank you so much for your support and South Park teachers will continue to stand for their students and we will continue to stand with them.

Note: All funds collected will be used to support striking South Park educators to make up for lost pay and to support them in buying groceries, paying bills, etc. Any funds collected more than 30 days after teachers return to work will be returned. Any funds not distributed within 30 days after teachers return to work will be divided up equally and returned to donors.

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