Standing Together For Our Students Futures

How Do We End the Strike!?!

The teachers and employees of the South Park School District want to end the strike.  Below are the items that we need to in order for this to happen.  

  • SPEA wants to have an independent Fact Finding party come in and bring clarity to the district’s finances for the staff, community and the new and incoming board members in order to facilitate future discussions around compensation.  
  • We are asking for strong AMNESTY language that protects the students, district, staff and any individual against any and all forms of reprisal, retaliation, harassment, or intimidation.  Please click the link below to see the AMNESTY language in its entirety.  
  • We want the Board to further agree not to withhold any salary, benefits, or any other form of compensation from any employee covered by this Agreement as a result of the aforementioned work stoppage, and promptly compensate any employee covered by this Agreement for any salary, benefits, or other form of compensation already withheld because of the work stoppage. (WE ARE WILLING TO TAKE A COUNTER PROPOSAL FROM THE DISTRICT, AS THERE ARE OTHER AVENUES TO PURSUE)
  • The District agreed to a version of the Professional Agreement that was negotiated on October 9th and 10th and was refined on October 15th.  Additionally, both parties agreed to clarify a few grammar items on October 16th. We want to sign that Professional Agreement. (to see the full version please click on this link below)  

We believe that the above requests are not unreasonable and would start the healing process within the district.

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