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Strike Update October 22, 2019


Oct. 22, 2019

SPEA Media Notes for Oct. 23

FAIRPLAY, Colo. – For a ninth day, Park County educators were on strike for their students’ futures.

Today’s recap (Oct. 22)

Picketing started at 7:30 a.m. on another frigid, incredibly windy day in Fairplay. Despite the cold, educators remained on the picket line, demanding Park County School District return to the bargaining table and settle a contract that will vastly improve the District’s ability to retain and attract quality educators. SPEA members enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect with their students as they entered school.

The South Park Education Association (through the Colorado Education Association) filed a request for director inquiry with the Colorado Department of Labor to have an independent, third-party factfinder examine PCSD finances. Should DoL accept the request, the inquiry may fulfill the long-held desire of SPEA and the community to gain financial transparency from the District and confirm whether or not millions of dollars are held in reserve that PCSD could use to increase educator pay and deliver the schools Park County students deserve.

SPEA was again disappointed to receive no commitment from the District to resume bargaining.

Tomorrow’s Schedule (Oct. 23)

7:30 a.m. – SPEA will continue the strike for their students’ futures. Picketing will resume tomorrow morning at the same location in front of the school drop-off area. SPEA leaders are always hopeful the District will invite educators back to the bargaining table and are ready to meet any time of the District’s choosing.

Media planning to cover the strike tomorrow should connect with Mike Wetzel, CEA public relations director,, 720-454-5729. Events are subject to change pending progress with the District.

What SPEA Seeks

The Educators of Park County are fighting to:

• Retain the employees who love and are committed to our students and community;

• Gain collective voice for all educators and education support professionals;

• Win recognition and respect from Park County RE-2 Schools.

Common Questions

How long will educators stay out of school? SPEA is a member-driven organization. When our members believe there is a proposal that will retain and attract quality educators in the District for our students’ futures, they will return to the classroom.

When will the teams meet again to bargain? SPEA has requested talks resume on multiple occasions and stands ready to bargain in good faith to finish negotiations with the District and end the strike. SPEA is dedicated to solving Park County’s educator retention crisis and delivering the schools our students deserve in the bargaining process.

In Fairplay

SPEA will continue the food and goods drive and the childcare arranged with the Boys and Girls Club of South Park for students and families in need. Childcare is available at 360 9th Street, Fairplay, from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Families can pick up donated food and goods at the Fairplay Fire Station, 21455 U.S. Highway 285, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


SPEA will post updated strike information HERE and on Facebook for educators, media and the Park County community.

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